NW Concealed Carry

Cody Myers was 19 when two assailants randomly targeted him in a robbery that ended with him dead and his body dumped. The duo was later arrested in Yuba City, California, and after being linked to bodies found in Everett, WA, near Corvallis, OR, near Detroit Lake, OR, they confessed one in Eureka, California.

Cody Myers was old enough to enlist in the military and fight for our country. Yet, as Oregon laws are structured, he is not allowed to carry a concealed handgun for self-defense until he turns 21 and obtains a license. If he had been armed, he may have had a fighting chance to defend himself and continue to be a productive member of society.

The minimum age should be lowered to 18, the age when people are recognized to be adults and make decisions for themselves.

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